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Elevate Your Nearbound Strategy: Introducing 360° Goals for Data-Driven Success

August 31, 2023

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How to focus data according to your goals
  • Which GTM team can you help according to your goals
  • The benefits of implementing Reveal’s 360° Goals

You might have heard this advice more than once: “It is important to align your goals with the rest of your GTM team, and to establish clear and measurable ones.” 

Believe it or not, goals and KPIs were not just created for your boss to hold as they breathe down your neck. They exist to track the progress of your work, prove the value of your strategies, and get you that bonus. 

Goals give you the clarity to make decisions. They help you to prioritize tasks. 

Partnership’s KPIs and goals are different from the Sales teams’ metrics, and can also vary depending on the type of partner. This can make them hard to define. 

And if you don’t know what your goals are, how are you going to prove the value of your Nearbound strategy?

To help you access all the intel you need to define and achieve your goals, we want to introduce you to Reveal’s 360° Goals. 

360° Goals: Proving your Nearbound’s Strategy Value

We wanted to give you a better way to map accounts with multiple partners, a way that starts with the goals that matter most to your organization. 

Our newest feature gives you the 360° Mapping macro-level ecosystem view of your ecosystem, plus the ability to view and tie your accounts, prospects, opportunities, and new prospects with goals like: 

360° Goals is not changing the process of how you do account mapping. It is the same data-sharing process, but this time the results are more oriented on the ways you’re being measured by your company. 

Now, you’ll have access to a prefiltered, presorted view, and prearranged columns, which will give you access to the data you need, at the right moment you need it to achieve a specific goal. 

The days of finding your way through data are over. Now you have a straightforward path to reduce time to value and achieve your goals. 

360° Goals In Action

Let’s look at some examples of how 360° Goals can help build and get all the intel you need to reach your goals and help your GTM team. 

The Partnership team

To run your Nearbound strategy, you need to identify those key partners you can connect with to leverage the intel, influence, and intros they can provide. The key piece of intel you need is the overlaps. 

Chris' opinion on overlaps

Here’s how 360° Goals can help you to achieve your KPIs: 

  • Identify all your overlaps. Select the partner that best fits your Nearbound strategy based on criteria like partner presence, and account status. 
  • Get the intel you need to identify partner-sourced opportunities and partner-influenced deals. 
  • See all partners that are speaking with your customers, and validate your customer’s tech stack to prioritize top potential integration partnerships. 
  • Uncover partner signals to justify the impact of involving partners in the sales process.
360* Goals: Identify My Overlaps

The Sales team

Helping your Sales team gets a lot easier when align your goals with theirs. And what do they care about the most? Closing deals. Here are three ways 360° Goals can help them to do that:

  • Build a co-selling program. Identify how your open opportunities overlap with your partners' open opportunities, and help your Sales team close deals by joining forces with the right partners.
  • Source opportunities. See how your prospects overlap with your partners' customers and, based on your data, identify which of your prospects are more likely to convert. Help your Sales team source net new opportunities and identify prospects where partners could provide intel or a strong conversion signal.
  • Influence deals. See how your open opportunities overlap with your partners' customers and identify which of your open opportunities have the highest deal amount. Help your Sales team close deals by connecting them with partners that can provide introductions or key intel.
360° Goals: Source Opportunities

The Customer Succes team

Reducing the churn rate is way easier if you can provide your CS team with intel, and a great way to provide that intel is with the Retaining Customers option in Reveal’s 360° Goals: 

  • See how your customers overlap with your partners' customers. Help your CSM team identify upsell opportunities or retain customers at risk by selling the right tech integrations.
  • Chase down integration usage dips. Monitor integration usage to help identify potential churn risk and provide valuable insights for product improvements and partnerships.
  • Create reports, dashboards, and alerts. Integrate that data into workflows for enhanced customer management, leveraging ecosystem knowledge and trust to drive retention and success.
360° Goals: Retain My Customers

The Market team

You might not be able to create MQLs right away, but what you can do for your Market team is open the doors to new markets thanks to the trusted relationships you have built with your partners. 

Whether they are planning to create an ABM campaign or a webinar, here’s what you can do for them by leveraging the 360° Goals: 

Expand to new markets 

You can now get a 360° view of all the New Prospects shared by all your Partners prioritized from highest to lowest conversion potential (upon request), and identify net new accounts for your lead gen.

This is a unique access to all new prospects from your new partners including intel on industry, company size, and country, which will help you to retarget new prospects based on your ICP. Stop bulking data where you don’t know if that new prospect fits your strategy. 

360° Goals: Expand to New Markets

Leveraging Data and Goals for Your Nearbound Strategy 

The main goal of this update is to stop data for data’s sake. Data is only as powerful as the actions that can be taken from it. Plus, having data to prove your success will eventually be translated into buy-in and easy adoption of your Nearbound strategy. 

This improved version of 360° Mapping empowers you to generate ROI through a Nearbound strategy in tandem with Reveal by easily identifying the use case of your data. 

360° Goals is just out of the oven and it’s not available for everyone. But, if you want to have access to it, let us know, and will enable this feature for you.