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Introducing Reveal Engage–The Fastest Way to Nearbound Revenue

June 6, 2023

In this blog you’ll learn:

  • Why Partner Managers and Sales teams aren’t collaborating well 
  • How Reveal engage empowers Partner Managers to provide real value to AEs
  • How to drive more Nearbound revenue with Reveal engage 

If Partner Managers really want to help their Sales teams generate Nearbound revenue, they have to make sure they aren’t inadvertently getting in the way.

It’s not uncommon for Partner Managers to get nothing but crickets when they send valuable insight or intros over to AEs on deals. Why? Because they aren’t presenting the right information about the right accounts at the right time and in a way that brings clear value. 

Basically, they aren’t fully leveraging Nearbound intel. 

Nearbound GTM is the operationalization of product, marketing, sales, success, and partnerships to drive revenue by working with companies or individuals who already have trust and influence with your target market. 

The more you have access to Nearbound intel the easier you can close deals. That’s why we want to introduce you to REVEAL ENGAGE— the fastest way to get intel, intros, and influence on deals from your partner network, and generate Nearbound revenue. 

Reveal Engage: A Partner Manager's Not-so-secret Weapon

Right now, the strategy Partner Managers often use for delivering insight to Sales teams on deals is a lot like sticking post-it notes on the AEs’ foreheads--it's disruptive and, in the AE's eyes, not very helpful.

The key is to build a seamless process between Partnerships and Sales that allows Sales to leverage the right ecosystem intelligence at the right time and in the right channels

With Reveal engage, Partner Managers become the hero. They can finally give Sales teams the freedom to successfully work the deals they want to work and tap into partners to help close, all while being able to track the influence the partner program has on company revenue. 

How Does Reveal Engage Work? 

Reveal engage allows Sales to leverage Partner Managers easily, which in turn, allows Partner Managers to focus on the right things: scaling partnerships and tracking results.

Our new product is more than just a “Get intro” button. It has the power to: 

  • Prioritize partnership intel for the accounts that matter the most to AEs 
  • Streamline and centralize the collaboration between Sales and Partnerships in their most used channels 
  • Automatically deliver ecosystem intelligence on key accounts as soon as they are opened or assigned
  • Empower Partner Managers to track and measure every activity completed by Sales, ensuring that you never miss a partner-attributed opportunity again

Reveal Engage In Action

Let’s look at an example of how Reveal engage can help build a seamless collaborative process between Sales and Partnerships to drive more revenue. 

The right info on the right accounts at the right time

You can identify key partners to help your AEs close deals faster.

  • An AE in your company is assigned a new account. The moment they’re assigned, Reveal engage automatically sends a list of the best partners to work with for each account directly to the AE. The AE is able to see which of your partners their account is a customer of, who the decision makers are, how engaged the partner is, and who owns the account. This is key; the AE isn’t sent a long list of 10+ possible partners connected to the account. Instead they are sent a specific list of a few top partners that will have a significant impact on the win rate. 
  • The AE clicks the “Get Intro” button with the best contact either directly in the account brief, in the CRM, or in their Slack channel notification—aka the channels they’re already working in. 

The right process in the right channels

You can decide on the channel and include stakeholders to be notified upon intro request. 
  • Once the AE clicks on submit on the introduction request, the Partner Manager is informed in two ways: by email and by Slack. After you receive the notification, you can define settings for how each partner will be notified. 
  • The “Get intro” request goes directly to the relevant (internal or external) Slack channels and tags the correct stakeholders (AEs, PMs, etc.). 
  • With the help of the partner’s influence, the deal closes 2x faster. 

The right tracking

You can track every single activity from your Sales team in your CRM

  • Every single activity completed by the Sales team is tracked, including the ones that happen before an account is opened. So, even if the AE speaks to the partner without you, you’ll be able to attribute that deal to your partnership's revenue. 
  • When it’s time to check in on KPI progress, the Partner Manager can simply review the report of Reveal activities in their Salesforce to easily attribute partner revenue and prove value.

The Importance of Nearbound Data

Nearbound data—info on which of your partners can influence opportunities in your sales funnel—is one of the most valuable insights GTM teams can leverage. That’s why integrating your Salesforce CRM with Reveal’s Nearbound Revenue Platform can be so valuable.

Here are some added benefits of building collaborative processes between Sales and Partnerships teams using Reveal engage: 

  • Targeted approach: Nearbound data enables personalized and targeted sales pitches by providing insights into prospects' preferences, allowing partnerships to align their efforts with sales strategies.
  • Enhanced lead generation: Analyzing Nearbound data helps identify potential leads, allowing both Sales and Partnerships teams to prioritize efforts and improve lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Efficient resource allocation: Nearbound data helps teams allocate resources effectively by identifying high-value opportunities and collaborating on nurturing leads, maximizing time and resources.
  • Streamlined communication: Nearbound data serves as a common ground for Sales and Partnerships teams, facilitating meaningful discussions, feedback exchange, and collaboration for more productive working relationships.
  • Mutual growth: Collaboration fueled by Nearbound data leads to mutual growth, identifying new market opportunities, optimizing sales processes, and driving revenue growth and success for both teams.

Ready to Take Your Revenue Game to the Next Level?

It’s about time that Partner Managers started proving that partnerships are key to Nearbound success. 

Sales teams need to be notified of partner presence at the right time, on the right accounts, and in the channels they are already using. Reveal engage keeps AEs in the loop all the time, and tells them WHO is the best partner to collaborate with on that deal. 

Ready to see how Reveal engage can increase collaboration between Partnerships and Sales, and drive more revenue?

Join our waiting list to be first in line for this game-changing product and witness its power in real-time. 

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