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Security is our number one priority. We’re SOC II certified and can tell you a thousand stories first-hand about the rigorous security processes we’ve passed. Worried about integrations? We’ll work with you to make it easy, or we’ll make it twice as easy and set it all up for you.

And because it’s easier to build trust through conversation than by reading “security is our number one priority” on a website, we’re right here to talk padlocks whenever.

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SOC II Certification

SOC II Certification

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant
Reveal never shares Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and is therefore GDPR and CCPA compliant by design. We also outline all our measures in our comprehensive Data Processing Addendum document (DPA) which we can provide on request.

Choose who sees what and when

No matter what, you’re always in absolute control of your data. You choose the partners, the accounts, and the fields you want—simple as that.

Reveal answered our security team’s questions quickly and passed all our requirements with ease.
Toni Rothpletz
Director of Partnerships, Split
Account Mapping with just one partner on Reveal showed us 32 integration opportunities that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. Using this platform is a no-brainer.
Stanislaw Wasowitcz
Regional Director Alliances EMEA, SmartRecruiters
Reveal helped increase our pipeline by 40%.
Kalen Kimm
Director, Systems Integrators & Strategic Partners, UserTesting
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Our security oath

Your data
is always

And then some. We add even more security by encrypting sensitive data at the application layer with 30 days rotating symmetric encryption keys.

Your system

Github security alerts and code scans are used to prevent new vulnerabilities. We also use and Sqreen to monitor vulnerabilities during runtime.

Your devices

We cover all bases by protecting all employee devices using anti-malware software such as Vanta to monitor encryption and protections.

Triple-check our triple-checks

Download and read up on the steps we take to ensure your data is even more secure than you would normally keep it.

Download Terms of Use & DPA

Question the authorities

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Do I control what I share with my partners?
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Reveal implemented a 2-step data-sharing process to ensure you share only what you choose to share with your partners.

- Advanced sharing settings per partner
- Private accounts that will not be shared (to any partners or specific partners)
- Disable Account Mapping in one click
- We share only common accounts; you are not going to display the full CRM.

Not a question but - I am afraid to share CRM information with Reveal.
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Reveal platform is constantly being monitored by third-parties services (cybersecurity audit experts) to make sure there is 0 exposure to any known vulnerabilities. Some tools we use that you might have heard of include Intruder, Vanta, and Sqreen. 

We are GDPR compliant & and use a high level of Personal Data protection through data anonymization (i.e., "irretrievable encryption") before importing your CRM data into our database. We are also SOC II certified.