Source Opportunities

Right opportunities, right people, right time

Find and prioritize qualified accounts from your partners and drive more revenue.

B2B ecosystem prospects have a 70% higher conversion rate and close 69% faster

Partner opportunities get better results, setting your company up for sustainable growth.
Trusted by over 12,000 companies
360° Goals

Proactively identify the best accounts

Create a data-driven target account list based on partner presence:

  • Discover opportunities that are already customers of your partners
  • Access and influence the top contacts for each account
  • Prioritize accounts based on the most engaged partners
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Get Intro & Deal Influencers

Activate your partners to get what you need

Help AEs and SDRs leverage partners to source and accelerate opportunities:

  • Tailor your pitch based on your prospect’s tech stack
  • Reach out to partners for intel or intros to deal influencers in a single click
  • Discuss and action deals with your team and partners directly on the Collaborate dashboard
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CRM Workflows, Digests & Alerts

Automate notifications and scoring updates

Source, nurture, win, repeat. Automate nearbound data to assign the hottest accounts to your teams:

  • Receive instant updates on opportunities through CRM workflows and Slack notifications
  • Get data on top accounts directly in your inbox with our Weekly Digest
  • Assign leads to your teams and update scoring through custom CRM workflows
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They drive growth through their partners.

Here’s how our customers source opportunities using the power of ecosystem data.
Customers stories

“With the insights provided by Reveal, my account count multiplies five to seven times by the end of each conversation. This multiplying affect is a result of the information that is at my fingertips.”

Kalen Kimm
Director of System Integrators
& Strategic Partners

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Customers stories

"As a small marketing team, the more we can have insights into where to focus our efforts to make the most impact, that's really key for us."

Adam Gould
Strategic Partnerships
& Enterprise Business

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Customers stories

“The Reveal and HubSpot Integration has helped us generate two to three times more demo meetings.”

Per Allin
Head of Partnerships Growth

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Bring nearbound into your GTM

Relevant signals from your partners channeled to the right team instantly.
Put inbound on steroids by
identifying the best partners to Go-To-Market with.
Improve speed, accuracy, and success across growth teams by layering in partner data.
Help Outbound and AE teams crush their sales targets by focusing on the opportunities that are qualified by your ecosystem.
Customer Success
Provide CS teams with ecosystem signals to anticipate churn and detect upsell opportunities early.
Natively integrated with your favorite tools
Exciting news! Crossbeam and Reveal are joining forces. Finally, one network for all of your partners.
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