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How Contractbook Tapped into Nearbound Revenue with Reveal and HubSpot

“The Reveal and HubSpot Integration has helped us generate two to three times more demo meetings.”
Per Allin
Head of Partnerships Growth

Cutting the Gordian Knot

Contractbook is a Danish software company that offers a contract lifecycle management solution to over 250,000 users in more than 85 countries. Per Allin, head of the partnership growth team, identified lead generation as a critical aspect of revenue generation for their software as a service (SaaS) company.

Per faced several challenges that needed to be addressed, such as manually notifying important accounts, lacking sufficient information about key accounts, and not having access to real-time information about partner opportunities. However, their previous manual processes of using Excel sheets to map out accounts and potential leads were also found to be inefficient and time-consuming.

What Made the Switch Easier

Through the Partnership Leaders community, Per discovered Reveal, a Nearbound Revenue Platform that offers advanced account-mapping solutions to improve lead generation and prioritization, helping the Go-To-Market teams. 

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of revenue generation through partnerships, whether the leads are sourced or influenced. To work smarter and avoid manual processes involved in Excel sheets, Per required a platform that could map out accounts and potential leads efficiently. 

Reveal proved to be an ideal solution due to its integration with their CRM system HubSpot. The integration was especially valuable, enabling them to receive Nearbound intel such as real-time notifications when an account becomes a customer of partners, thus providing an opportunity to strengthen their partnership and increase revenue. 

“The accessibility, intuitive user interface, and ease of setup impressed us and found the integration process to be straightforward and seamless”.

How the Integration Actually Works for Contractbook

 “Our data flow between Reveal and HubSpot is superb, and we've activated, as a pilot, one BDR, one Customer Success Manager, and one AE to receive timely notifications about customer opportunities with our connected partners and soon we will roll it out to the rest of the teams.” 

The goal is to make this process proactive rather than reactive, meaning the integration has so far allowed them to streamline lead generation by proactively notifying team members of key account updates and empowering them with Nearbound intel to steer conversations towards relevant topics that added value for partners, customers and prospects and increased the likelihood of success in their objectives. 

The integration also improved customer success by providing Nearbound intel about key accounts, including the tools they were using, which sparked interesting conversations that went beyond product-specific discussions. By using Reveal's instant notifications and HubSpot’s workflows, Contractbook was able to generate more relevant content for outreach and sequencing, resulting in two to three times more meetings booked. 

Enabling BDRs, Sales teams, and AEs for Reveal and HubSpot Integration

To ensure the information from the Reveal and HubSpot integration is used correctly, Per Allin's team started a Nearbound enablement. Starting with one BDR, one Customer Success Manager, and one AE to test the process. The idea was to have one person as a champion or ambassador who could help roll out the integration to the rest of the team.

The team is encouraged to check Reveal, HubSpot dashboards, and the account’s deal record before any prospect calls or demos to ensure they have up-to-date information. The integration uses instant notifications and workflows to provide Nearbound intel. For instance, they tested the integration with 100 accounts in a BDR's portfolio using a particular tech tool to generate better content and outreach sequences, resulting in positive feedback.

The integration is highly appreciated for its ease of use and flexibility in toggling on and off depending on user needs. The ability to pin the integration at the account level is also considered valuable. The “deal record” feature showing which customers become customers of a certain partner or open opportunities is particularly helpful, and their next step will be using the data from “the multipliers” to boost deal closure.  

Countractbook’s partnership team has found Reveal to be an invaluable tool in driving growth and expanding their ecosystem. The platform’s integration with HubSpot has streamlined their lead generation process and provided valuable insights that have led to more relevant meetings and better outcomes. 

The positive result from this year of enablement encouraged the roll out of the platform to the rest of the team and expected to see even more significant results in the future.

“The integration is meeting all our requirements and works well. We have a Dashboard in HubSpot showing our overlaps with partners. A 5-star integration.”

Contractbook is a software company that offers cloud-based contract automation software for businesses that want to create, track, eSign, organize, and connect contracts using automated workflows.
Main Challenges
Sourcing high quality leads at scale, enable the GTM team on Nearbound intel, and account mapping with a potential partner in a secure and easy manner.
Key Results
The creation of a Nearbound enablement program thanks to the HubSpot and Reveal App, that made their GTM teams more efficient: an increase of two to three times more meetings booked.
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