How Marketing Teams Find Qualified Leads

Stop looking for leads in all the wrong places. We’ve done the math and leads from your ecosystem have win-rates that up to triple. Wow.

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your ecosystem 

Generate new highly qualified leads

Where do you find all the leads to feed your SDRs pipeline? Here’s one easy resource: your ecosystem. Reveal helps you identify ecosystem players who have a strong presence in your key markets and gain access to their audience. They’ll send you new qualified leads, you’ll do the same. We call the joy that you, your partners, and your SDRs will feel collaborative bliss.

Prioritize your top leads

If your SDRs spend hours talking with people who have no interest in your product, you need this new method. Based on your CRM’s history, we can see you’ve converted ”Partner X’s” customers 150% better than your average accounts in the past. Which means we know your chances to convert their accounts in the future are that much higher. Reveal predicts which of your CRM accounts have the highest win rate potential based on your ecosystem’s insights, so you can focus your SDRs time on accounts that convert. We call it an ecosystem signal, and it’s the most powerful signal around.

Remove CRM blindspots

Remove the blindspots in your CRM and fill in the gaps. Reveal uses your ecosystem to make Win-win relationships the norm. By sharing fields that exist in your partner CRM and not in yours, you are able to enrich your data and segment your database to have the most effective scoring, prioritization, or messaging possible.

Co-Market to the right audience

Stop marketing to the wrong people. By using your ecosystem insights, Reveal lets you target the right audience with the right partners, and helps you create co-marketing campaigns that produce the results you want.

Ecosystem leads doubled our conversion rates. Thanks, Reveal.
Romain Fernandes Richard
Global Head of Growth, Payfit
Our conversion from contact to opportunity doubles with leads from Reveal.
Axel Boye
Sourcing Operations Associate, Spendesk
Reveal helped increase our pipeline by 40%.
Kalen Kimm
Director, Systems Integrators & Strategic Partners, UserTesting
60% of our new opportunities come from Reveal.
Mathieu Galvani
Channel Sales Manager at Spendesk
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Customer Stories

Payfit doubled conversion rates with Reveal.

Payfit’s Global Head of Growth found Reveal while searching for a scalable method to source highly qualified leads. With Reveal, not only did he find his ecosystem to be that new lead source, but he discovered that ecosystem leads have 2x higher conversion rates in comparison to prospects sourced in other ways.

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