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Nearbound means coming together to grow together. But more to the point, here’s how Reveal will help you transform your ecosystem influence into revenue.

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Expand your ecosystem

Based on your market, our algorithm will identify the best companies to add to your ecosystemeven if you’re not connected to them. Enabling you to expand your network is important to us, so our humans will help out too.

companies for you to connect with.

Assess before
you share

Assess potential partnerships before making any decisions. Reveal percentages of account and contact overlap, the number of common customers and opportunities, as well as the sales pipeline these representin an instant, without sharing anything.

seconds is all it takes to see what a partnership will bring you. How long it takes to decide is your call.

Map accounts

Using Reveal you can see all account overlaps, with all your partners, on one screen, in real time. So you can safely map accounts without the need for spreadsheets, saving you weeks of precious time and sanity as you cruise toward smashing your goals.

hours of time & sanity saved weekly by account mapping without spreadsheets.

Target the
juiciest leads

Want to generate, identify and prioritise prospects with the highest win rate, deal size and revenue potential? The answer is your ecosystem. Connect with companies from your ecosystem to reveal top leads within your CRM, generate high potential new leads and enrich your existing accounts with fuller CRM data.

more is what your win rate could be with our leads.

Track your ROI

We're giving you proof that your ecosystem is a source of revenue so you can finally put the doubters to rest. Only with Reveal can you monitor your ecosystem opportunities from A to Z. Be the first to know when a deal is sourced or won through your partners’ influence. Track the total amount of pipeline that was generated by your ecosystem and your hard work. Get ready for this game-changer.

Infinitely, is how much you’ll be grateful for this feature.

Data that works in your workflow

Our Slack and Salesforce integrations put ecosystem insights right where your Sales team’s eyeballs are. Alert Account Executives to new ecosystem opportunities, and get notified of new overlap on Slack. Give your sales team all of your ecosystem's strategic insights right inside their Salesforce CRM. Make every ecosystem leads feel seen.

probability you or your sales team miss big opportunities using the integrations above

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All CRMs welcome

We wouldn't be a very successful CRM sharing platform if we didn’t integrate every CRM software. There’s a strong chance we’re compatible with yours but if you don’t see it, let us know.

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For companies who want to fill their pipes with revenue.

And more specifically, for…

Discover and leverage the influence of your partners on your target accounts. Discover new potential partners quickly with access to a bigger, better and equally growth-hungry ecosystem.

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Identify qualified leads within your CRM based on your ecosystem's insights, as well as generate qualified leads who haven’t made it into your CRM yet.

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Use your partner’s influence to close deals faster. Through Reveal, connect with your partners’ account owners and get introductions to key decision makers.

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Frequently asked questions

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How does Reveal work?
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Sign up for free. Securely connect your CRM or a CSV file to Reveal. Invite your ecosystem of partners to the platform or connect with the companies we suggest. Instantly start identifying and converting business opportunities within your ecosystem.

Do I control what I share with my partners?
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Reveal implemented a 2-step data-sharing process to ensure you share only what you choose to share with your partners.

- Advanced sharing settings per partner
- Private accounts that will not be shared (to any partners or specific partners)
- Disable Account Mapping in one click
- We share only common accounts; you are not going to display the full CRM.

How much will Reveal cost me?
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Only 10 seconds. No, that's not a typo. All you have to invest is the time you might need to add your partners' details so they will receive your invitation.

Our basic plan is entirely free with unlimited partners and account mapping. The reason is simple: we want you to see the value and then invite your partner. Our end goal: build the biggest network of connected companies.

Our paid plan includes additional features such as a Salesforce Widget and reports.

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