360° New Prospects

Growth is hard, but what if it was as simple as leveraging your partners' customer base?

Gain a strategic edge by accessing a wealth of new prospects—partner-generated, highly qualified, and ready for your business. Streamline your lead generation effortlessly and watch your growth soar.
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Simple Aggregated List

Access a consolidated, easy-to-navigate list of all your new prospects in one centralized location.No more sifting through multiple platforms or spreadsheets. Streamline your workflow and focus on engaging with highly qualified leads.

Targeted Filtering by Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Effortlessly refine your search. Use advanced filters to target ideal prospects, saving time and resources. Tailor outreach for maximum impact and higher conversion rates.

Automated Lead Creation in your CRM

Seamless integration for seamless growth. Automate lead creation into your CRM using our API or a Zapier Connector. Eliminate manual entry, empower your Sales team with real-time prospects, and boost their efficiency.

Automatic Field Recognition for Data Mapping

Simplify data handling. Our feature offers automatic field recognition, making it easier for your Growth team to map and align new prospect data with your existing systems. Enhance data accuracy and integration processes effortlessly.

Nearbound efficiency Streamline and scale operations