Reveal x Salesforce

With the Reveal Salesforce App, you can bring partner sales intelligence directly into Salesforce to give your sales teams immediate access to partner insights. Identify partners that can influence deals, prioritize your accounts, and run reports to understand the impact of your partners on your revenue.

This integration is part of our Pro plan.
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How it works

Connect Reveal and Salesforce to:

  • View which partners are involved within your Account, Opportunity, and Contact records
  • View mutual contacts 
  • View all partner presence across multiple accounts 
  • Automate workflows triggered by partner presence
  • Push partnerships data to the rest of your tech stack 
  • 9 out of the box reports or create your own custom reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this for free?

The Salesforce integrations are part of our premium plan. Get in touch with us to find out more about our pricing.

Will Reveal write any information into my CRM?

No, Reveal will not write any data into your CRM without your knowledge. Our current version of the Salesforce App also does not allow this capability but this will become an option in later versions.

What are the main benefits of connecting ecosystem data to my CRM?

Your Sales teams will be able to access useful insights about their accounts directly within the tool they use day to day which will help them prioritise or accelerate the deals in their pipeline.