Reveal and Salesforce

Bring ecosystem data into Salesforce—your sales teams will love you for it.

In Reveal they trust

Push Reveal data into Salesforce

The Reveal Salesforce App

With the Reveal Salesforce App you can display ecosystem data right within Salesforce, and right in front of your sales teams. You can do this in two ways: A Partner Widget on the account or opportunity record to surface relevant ecosystem information; and an Ecosystem View tab to see partner presence across all your accounts.

Give your sales teams visibility into partners involved in their accounts when breaking into new business and working on deals to reach quota.

Get insightful data based on your ecosystem of partners—right here, at the account level.

Easily and instantly identify the status of any account with any partner, partners’ sales reps contact details, and opportunity details.

Connect your Salesforce with Reveal today.

Get set up

Step one:
Visit the Salesforce AppExchange, search for Reveal, and download the app.

Step two:
Once the app is installed, go to the menu, look for “Reveal", and select the “Reveal Setup”.

Step three:
Follow the setup install process to complete the sync with your Reveal workspace.

Pull Salesforce data into Reveal

Sync Salesforce opportunity data

Sync your Salesforce data to your Reveal to track all your partner related opportunities in one place–on Reveal Pipeline. And if your PRM partner portal is linked to Salesforce, this includes tracking the deal registrations from there as well.

Measure and report on partner-sourced and partner-influenced deals from start to finish. Get high level performance reporting to understand the impact of partners on your win rates and revenue.

With an automatic sync to Reveal, you’ll get notified immediately when your sales team opens a new opportunity in an account record so you can tag all your partner-related activities against it.

Customize how data will be synced from Salesforce. By default, Reveal is GDPR compliant and will not share sensitive contact information. So you can rest assured that your data is safe with us when sharing opportunity information.

Fully secure,
no exceptions.

We love being asked if we’re secure because we love to say yes. We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t keep our clients’ data as safe (or even safer) than they do. With us, you’ll never have to worry about anyone seeing anything you wouldn’t want them to. And our SOC II certification proves it.

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Is this for free?
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The Salesforce integrations are part of our paid plan. Get in touch with us to find out more about our pricing.

Will Reveal write any information into my CRM?
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No, Reveal will not write any data into your CRM without your knowledge. Our current version of the Salesforce App also does not allow this capability but this will become an option in later versions.

What are the main benefits of connecting ecosystem data to my CRM?
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Your sales teams will be able to access useful insights about their accounts directly within the tool they use day to day which will help them prioritise or accelerate the deals in their pipeline.

Find out more about Reveal and Salesforce integrations.