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Letter from the CEO: Announcing Reveal’s $50M Funding

April 25, 2022

“We are living in the decade of B2B partnerships.”

Before I start, I must mention that this letter is not really about funding.

It is first and foremost about our mission to empower Partnership professionals—whether you’re in a Partnership, Sales, or Marketing team—to become the B2B superstars you’ve long deserved to be, and why it matters.

2 years ago, our journey began with a vision to replace the manual time-consuming account mappings and ad-hoc conversations that held back B2B partnerships. As we grew, so did the potential of what our platform could actually achieve: empowering companies to unlock revenue from their partner ecosystem.

Our rebranding to Reveal last year marked an inflexion point in our company’s history. Our users were reporting on average 43% higher win rates and 41% larger deal sizes, and our platform was being used by teams outside of Partnerships (within the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success departments) to identify new prospects, improve conversion rates, and fuel better performing marketing campaigns.

Fast-forward 2 years later, more than 5000 companies are using Reveal to identify and leverage business opportunities with their partners, making partnerships one of their most powerful and cost-effective revenue channels.

Today I’m excited to announce our Series A funding of $50 million from global VC investors Insight Partners, Eight Roads, Chalfen Ventures, Dig Ventures and existing investors Localglobe, Ventech, and Kernel. 

This round of funding is not only tangible recognition of our product’s value and the emerging category of Collaborative Growth, it will also propel Reveal onto the next chapter of our mission to empower B2B companies to drive revenue from their ecosystem.

“Partnerships are going to be the key pipeline source in the future, and if you don't understand it, you won't survive”

We are changing the way of doing business. We stand for no more walls between companies—where sharing is winning. Partnerships are going to be the key pipeline source in the future, and if you don't understand it, you won't survive. In a world where referrals are the highest converting channel, converting 21x better than an outbound call, the necessity to build and leverage a strong ecosystem of partners simply cannot be ignored. Add to this the fact that partnerships’ costs are incredibly low compared to traditional marketing channels, and you will understand why partnerships are your golden ticket to fast growth.

Our mission is to enable you to leverage the full potential of the partnership channel with technology. Some of our users are generating more than 50% of their company’s pipeline through partnerships, and with Reveal, so can you. Not to mention, our platform’s account mapping feature is 100% free. There is simply no excuse not to get started. And for those of you who don’t know where to begin, who need more knowledge to fully leverage their partnerships, we created a whole Academy just so you can learn how. This is your sign to start.

Given the current global climate, there is a deep sense of responsibility that comes with this funding. We don’t see this as a success in itself, as much as we see it as a motivation and resource to double down on our mission. And we will not lose sight of it.

Speaking of responsibility, our stance on data security and compliance, which has been in our DNA from day 1, will remain strong. As a French entrepreneur working in Europe, I am attuned to the data privacy requirement and firmly believe it is our duty to guarantee your compliance. Respect for our customer’s data is an utmost priority.

Finally, we will continue to be a product-driven company—innovating to create more frictionless B2B collaboration experiences, and building a product in collaboration with our users.

For all the milestones that we have already crossed, I believe our best chapters are firmly ahead of us.

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