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Reveal and Crossbeam Announcement

Bob Moore and Simon Bouchez
June 24, 2024

It’s Happening! Crossbeam and Reveal are Joining Forces to Disrupt Go-To-Market Strategy As We Know It

Five years ago, two founders set out to change how all companies grow. Their shared vision was to unlock the wellspring of unrealized value inside modern partner ecosystems. They wanted to build a new kind of technology platform where partners could connect and safely share data, unlocking a new library of ecosystem-led playbooks for sales and growth.

There was just one problem: Those two founders, Bob Moore and Simon Bouchez, had never met. In fact, they lived an ocean apart. Simon, based in Paris, called his company Reveal and promoted a philosophy called “Nearbound.” Bob, based in Philadelphia, called his company Crossbeam and promoted a philosophy called “Ecosystem-Led Growth.” 

Despite the differences in geography and naming, these companies were kindred spirits with far more in common than not. Both were building powerful data networks, and both created products that resonated strongly with an emerging market. By 2024, more than 25,000 companies had adopted either Crossbeam or Reveal to automate account mapping, share CRM data across their partner ecosystems, and supercharge their go-to-market teams with partner data and relationships.

In that time, one feature request stood out more than any other: combining the networks. The dense, complicated mesh of partner relationships across these 25,000 companies had become fragmented across the two networks. This left users hopping between the platforms to fully connect with everyone in their ecosystems.

That ends today. We are thrilled to announce the merger of Crossbeam and Reveal into a single entity. Everyone will be able to partner with everyone. Finally.

The combined company will hold a north star vision of creating a best-of-both-worlds customer experience that includes a single unified data network. This will allow us to drive an innovative roadmap of products for all go-to-market teams that goes above and beyond today’s commoditized world of intent signals and workflows. 

In the era of AI, this path is a critical one. The combined network will represent the world’s largest repository of ecosystem data, a critical input to all AI tools and copilots used by go-to-market teams. Our product integrations with AI leaders including Microsoft, Salesforce, HubSpot, Gong, and others will grow in strategic focus as our data helps power their powerful AI-driven insights and workflows. 

In the coming months, our users can expect a thoughtful and decisive combination of our platforms, messaging, and teams. We will combine our greatest superpowers to create something even more valuable than the sum of its parts. With the most powerful account mapping data network ever created, we help more companies win, unlock new kinds of insights, and enable the go-to-market playbooks of the future. 

The combined company will bear the name Crossbeam. Bob Moore will serve as co-founder and CEO. Simon Bouchez will lead multiple teams across the company as co-founder and COO, and executives from both companies have taken leadership posts across the combined entity. The company’s Board of Directors will consist of Simon, Bob, and representatives from each company’s key investors a16z, Insight Partners, Redpoint Ventures, and FirstMark Capital.

We’ll be communicating early and often as we combine our functionality and offerings. Stay tuned for news on events and announcements related to those important steps. We could not be more excited to bring you the power of our unified platform, amazing teams, and shared vision for the future of how companies grow.

In the meantime, please visit our FAQ page for all you need to know about this next chapter:

Exciting news! Crossbeam and Reveal are joining forces. Finally, one network for all of your partners.
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