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Reveal 2023 Recap

January 25, 2024

2023 was a massive year for Reveal.

Not only were we able to execute innovative ways to improve our platform, but we also helped bring nearbound to the world—the GTM strategy that systematically surrounds prospects with trust from your ecosystem to drive more revenue faster

Reveal and nearbound have taken the industry by storm. And with your help, stories, and partnerships, we were able to hit some major milestones, including: 

Looking back on 2023

Innovation through ecosystem  

Last year, we focused on a singular product vision: improving partner interactions while taking the guesswork out of data. We knew that collaboration should be fluid and that the data provided by Reveal should be simple to understand and easily actionable. 

Needless to say, we pulled it off.  

Directory brought companies together by letting them forge new partnerships, while Analytics helped them evaluate their potential. Get Intro empowered Sales to leverage Partner Managers when closing accounts, and Attribution ensured that partner-attributed opportunities were given the proper credit.

 Deal Influencers allowed Partner teams to ditch the question, "Who do I contact?" We removed the pain of sorts and filters by showing teams exactly what they need and where to start when crushing their objectives. 

And our Magnum Opus?  Lead Generation (AI✨), the one-stop shop for sourcing new leads through your partners. This feature introduces completely new accounts that can be closed with a whole lotta ease and an AI model that does all the categorizing for you.

But the story does not end there. 2023 was also the year of expansion—nearbound expansion, that is. We merged with media company, PartnerHacker, to create, a project by Reveal that strives to give you the tactical stories and resources to succeed with a nearbound GTM strategy. 

This included the first in-person, off-site event at HubSpot's 2023 Inbound conference and the Nearbound Summit, the largest B2B GTM online event ever. You can (re)watch the 25+ hours of content shared by the biggest GTM leaders in the industry at that event here

So, what's next?

Looking ahead to 2024

Nearbound revenue at scale

We've created the category that has already helped hundreds of partnership pros drive thousands of dollars in revenue. But our mission is far from complete.   

In 2024, we will make nearbound your #1 acquisition channel.

Our goal is to help you use Reveal to generate the most revenue possible, period. We will continue to improve the platform so it's easier for you to drive bigger, faster, and stronger deals. 

To realize this goal, we are honing in on four essentials:
1. Showing you the best accounts
2. Enabling the best collaboration
3. Measuring the results you get
4. Documenting the nearbound processes and plays to get you there

Four focal points with multiple levers pulled. From tailored suggestions to source accounts, to automating introductions and intel processes with AI, to getting into the gritty how-to's of how to get to the promised land—we've got a lot cooking. 

Collaboration flows between teams will remain a cornerstone, but the true game changers will come in features that let you measure and track what you get from Reveal.

See you on the other side, very soon. 

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