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Product Monthly Digest - October 2023

November 23, 2023

October 2023 brought a host of exciting new releases and updates to Reveal, designed to enhance your sales and CRM management experience. 

In this monthly digest, we'll provide you with an overview of the key features and improvements that will empower your sales teams and RevOps managers.

Let's dive in and explore what's in store for you!

Deal Influencers in Reveal

Arm your Sales Reps, Sales Managers, and Rev Ops teams with the tools they need to generate reports, manage their dashboards, and streamline their workflows. This feature is available on Reveal for all workspaces. You can find primary contacts in:

  • Account Mapping
  • The Drawer on 360° Goals
Deal Influencers on Reveal

Deal Influencers on Salesforce (beta)

Are you struggling to identify the right contacts to target in your sales efforts? Look no further! We're thrilled to introduce "Deal Influencers" in our Power plans for Salesforce, currently in beta.

The availability of "Deal Influencers" in Salesforce empowers Sales Teams by leveraging CRM data, streamlining workflows, and offering customization options. This integration significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of sales processes, leading to improved targeting, better decision-making, and higher win rates.

Deal Influencers Report on Salesforce

What's new: With the Deal Influencers report on Salesforce, you can now easily identify influential contacts, enabling you to pinpoint the right targets and improve your win rate.

How to Use it: Discover Deal Influencers within your Reveal Folder on Salesforce. Its versatility knows no bounds. Beyond examining individual contacts, you can tailor the template for various purposes, such as:

  • Make Reports
  • Create Dashboards
  • Send Notifications
  • Assign tasks and organize Workflows
  • Send campaigns/communications on third-party tools connected to your CRM (like Outreach, Salesloft, etc)testing.

Check out our in-depth article and schedule a call with your Reveal Account Manager to request beta access.

Partner Recommendations on the Sales Weekly Digest

The Sales Weekly Digest, sent every Friday, is your go-to resource for identifying accounts to focus on and generating revenue using partner insights. 

Our latest update, "Recommend Partners," provides you with a list of accounts you can create or close deals on, along with partner recommendations for valuable insights or introductions. 

The primary objective is to furnish you with high-priority and actionable insights, delivered conveniently to the heart of your daily workflow—your email inbox.

Sales Weekly Digest overview

What's New: We now provide weekly partner insights and actionable emails for more effective decision-making.

How to Use it:

Leverage these partner insights to strategically create or close deals on specific accounts, optimizing your revenue opportunities.

For more information about partner recommendations, check out this article to learn how we help you identify the best prospects.

Cross-Object Data settings

Introducing Cross-Object Data Settings, a powerful feature that allows you to get precise with data sharing and management. You can define status rules and private account settings using both account and opportunity fields from your CRM. 

This update ensures that you can tailor your data source and sharing settings to meet your specific needs. These capabilities apply to both Account/Company and Opportunity/Deal fields and can be configured for various purposes:

  • Status Rules
  • Private Account settings for all partners
  • Restricted Accounts per partner
Cross-Object Data Setting on Reveal

This enhancement guarantees a smoother user experience, breaking down data interpretation barriers and improving collaboration with partners and colleagues. 

Cross-Object status rules cover all workspaces and connected CRMs, giving you the flexibility to adjust your settings to perfection.

How to use it:

  • Defining Status Rules: Start by defining specific rules for statuses associated with Accounts/Companies or Opportunities/Deals. 
  • Configuring Private Account Settings: Determine which Account/Company fields are private and establish criteria for these settings. 
  • Implementing Restricted Accounts per Partner: Define rules that restrict access to certain Accounts/Companies for specific partners. 

We invite you to keep sending us your specific use cases and feedback at so we can continue to improve your experience with Reveal.

Keep an eye out for more thrilling updates in the coming months!

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