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Maximizing ABM Success with 360° Goals in Reveal

October 31, 2023

Personalization is becoming table stakes. The age of generic, one-size-fits-all marketing messages is dying.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) enables companies to approach high-value accounts with a level of tailored engagement that was once thought unattainable.

And with Reveal, ABM just got a whole lot more valuable.

By layering in partner data, you can bring a deeper level of connection to the buyer with your ABM tactics.

Let’s dive into one of Reveal’s ABM-friendly features: the 360° Goals.

360° Goals in Action–Using Reveal Data to Define Your Audience

An effective ABM campaign is understanding your target audience. Nearbound data reveals the tech stack your prospects are using. However, to sharpen your focus, consider filtering this data further. 

This might include segmenting by industry, the number of employees, and market. These subcategories ensure that your messages are not just relevant but hyper-targeted. 

360° Goals Dashboard

360° Goals is your secret weapon for personalization. Here's how to make the most of it:

1.Find your target accounts 

Access '360° Goals' and apply any of the 6 preset goals to narrow down your audience. For instance, click on 'Identify My Overlaps' to discover target accounts associated with partners.

If you're interested in a specific region, company size, or industry, apply additional filters to refine your research. 

Accounts Filtering in 360° Goals

Once you've found your accounts, add them to your pipeline, and reach out to your partner to discuss the approach for engaging with them.

2. Customize–tailoring your message

With your meticulously curated list of accounts, it's time to design your email content. Construct an email template that directly addresses the challenges and goals of these accounts. 

Showcase how your product seamlessly integrates with their tech stack, offering solutions to their objectives. 

Share success stories and client testimonials that resonate deeply with your prospects.

3.Leveraging partner presence and giving options

While personalization is crucial, subtlety is equally important in how you utilize your partner's presence. 

Your emails should provide options that allow prospects to engage with your content and product at their own pace. The goal is to guide, not overwhelm.

4.Test and iterate for success

One of the fundamental principles of marketing is that you can't enhance what you don't measure. After launching your ABM campaign, continue to monitor its performance closely. 

ABM success with 360° Goals

Reveal is your ultimate ABM ally, offering three key benefits:

1. Precision Personalization: Nearbound insight from Reveal enables you to craft highly personalized ABM campaigns tailored to the unique challenges and goals of your prospects. This level of personalization forges a deeper connection and drives engagement.

2. Targeting Efficiency: Reveal simplifies the process of identifying your target accounts. You can effortlessly apply filters based on factors such as geography, company size, and industry, ensuring your resources are maximized for optimal impact.

3. Data-Driven Adaptability: With Reveal's real-time analytics, you gain the power of continuous improvement. Monitor your ABM campaigns and make agile adjustments to keep your strategy effective, always staying ahead in the world of ABM success.

These three benefits collectively supercharge your ABM efforts, delivering precision, efficiency, and adaptability for a successful and growth-driven marketing strategy.

Elevate your ABM game today.

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