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Product Monthly Digest - November 2023

December 11, 2023

We might be wrapping up 2023, but here at Reveal, the momentum doesn't stop—even in sweater weather. 

Let's jump into what November brought to our platform.

SFDC Overlap Management: Tailored Syncing

First, we're thrilled to introduce SFDC Overlap Management for our Salesforce Power plan users. 

This feature takes your syncing control to the next level, allowing you to decide precisely which overlaps from Reveal sync back into your Salesforce custom objects. 

Tailor what your revenue team sees and manage data synced to your CRM effectively.

SFDC overlap management on Reveal

Check out our in-depth article and schedule a call with your Reveal Account Manager to request access.

Get Intro management

Managing relationships just got easier! Get Intro management, which lets you fine-tune Get Intro settings per partner on Reveal. 

Whether you're nurturing a blossoming partnership or prefer a more discreet approach, tailor your settings to suit each connection.

Get Intro management on Reveal

Available for Admin users on Premium workspaces, this feature ensures your closest partnerships get the attention they deserve. 

Curious to explore it further? Check out our comprehensive guide!

Get Intro from 360° Goals

Here’s more exciting news for our Sales and Sales Managers on Pro and Power plans! Introducing Get Intro from 360° Goals, a groundbreaking addition to the Nearbound Revenue Platform. 

This feature is designed to revolutionize your outreach strategies, offering an efficient way to elevate your connections.

Get Intro on 360° Goals

With this new capability, you can precisely identify preferred partners for introductions and effortlessly specify contact details through a user-friendly and streamlined request form. 

This game-changer streamlines your approach to networking and strengthens your ability to connect with key contacts effectively.

You can send a Get Intro request from:

  1. In the Action column by clicking on the Get Intro option, or
  2. In the account drawer. When you search for an account or click on it, the drawer will open to show you more details. For Partners that Get Intro is enabled for, you can request an intro by clicking the purple Get Intro button!

This feature is available exclusively for Sales and Sales Managers on Pro and Power plans. Get in touch with our teams to unlock it now!

Keep your feedback coming! We want to hear your unique use cases to enhance your Reveal experience even further.