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How Can Reveal Help You Accelerate Deals?

May 15, 2024

When you run a nearbound play in tandem with Reveal you have the data and insights you need to speed up your deals. 

Whether you need you get that final signature, identify who the deal influencer is, or simply communicate better with your partner to access key intel, Reveal is here to help you close those difficult deals that need a little push. 

Here are four Reveal features that will help you close more deals faster.  

Slack integration

With the Reveal and Slack integration, you can push Reveal data from Reveal to Slack and make that data actionable in real time by getting the info to account owners and sales reps when they need it most. 

Reveal's Get Intro to Slack

Here’s how you can leverage the power of Reveal x Slack

  • Notify your sales reps and account owners about partner presence in an open deal by sending a Slack message in a single click directly from the Reveal app.
  • Empower your Sales team to ask for introductions to partners who are working with their target accounts. All they have to do is simply click the “Introduce Me” button from your Reveal Slack channel. These introductions can help sellers get partner intel or influence, or they can even request an intro to the deal influencer, and Partner Managers maintain control of how and when partners are approached. 
  • Communicate with your partners to access intel, ask for influence, or check in on the progress of a co-sell deal. Have a centralized place to talk about and share intel on your common accounts and opportunities.  

Get Intro

With Get Intro, your Sales team can collaborate directly with your Partnership team, and/or partners to request nearbound help (in the form of introductions, intel, and influence) and drive revenue on their accounts.

Get Intro is an action that can be used from partner account mapping and 360° Goals in Reveal, from the Salesforce and HubSpot widgets, or from the Weekly Digest email.

Get Intro button in Salesforce and HubSpot

Here’s how your teams benefit from Get Intro:

  • Give your Sales team access to ask your partners for intel, influence, or even intros 
  • Empower your Sales teams with the freedom to successfully work the deals they want to work on and tap into partners to help close them 
  • Help your Partner team track the influence your partner program has on your company’s revenue


Reveal's Collaborate feature is how you can manage accounts that you are collaborating on with partners.

Instead of using shared spreadsheets to track deals where partners are involved, Collaborate makes it easier by creating Discussions linking to your Account Mapping and your CRM.

Reveal's Collaborate's discussions feature

Here’s how Collaborate helps you close more deals: 

  • Avoid stalled deals by creating a discussion with your partners to share intel, or action a joint plan to close that stuck deal.
  • Create a list of the potential partners and their joint accounts, and at your next partner meeting, work through the list and ask if they have any insights or can introduce your team to their stakeholders.
  • Share the notes and insights (partner intel) as comments in your discussions with your Sales team, and update the stage of every deal to reflect progress. 
  • Add any internal stakeholder to your partner conversation to make sure all stakeholders are aligned, and aware of your partner motion and next steps. 

Deal Influencers 

Deal Influencers helps you quickly identify the contacts who have the greatest influence on opportunities you'd like to generate or close. These are contacts that your partners listed on an opportunity when they closed-won the deal.

In other words, who’s the most influential figure on accounts you're working on? And are you already talking to them? 

Reveal's Deal Influencer overview in Salesforce

Here’s how it works: 

  • Show your Sales team the partners who listed their target contact on the opportunity when they closed-won the deal
  • Share with your Sales team the number of partners that listed this contact on their opportunities 
  • Create reports for your Sales team to identify who is the best contact to target, which partner(s) can help you with an intro to them
  • Share valuable intel, such as which people to contact, and with what content—create a target list

A final tip 

If you want to learn how our team is running nearbound plays, recently published an article with five use cases in which partners played a decisive role to accelerate and close deals. Read the complete article here

And if you want to witness how a nearbound strategy works better in tandem with Reveal, sign up for free now

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