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10 PRMs You Should Know About in 2023

December 15, 2022

It’s no secret that the future of go-to-market strategies in B2B tech is with partnerships. That’s why having the right technology to manage those partnerships is essential.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software helps companies manage complex partnerships with efficient processes and automation abilities to enhance their business operations.

PRM software allows B2B tech companies to plan, identify, engage, measure, and optimize their partner relationships by offering intelligent process automation through advanced integration capabilities to improve business efficiency. They also help in data-driven decision-making for future planning.

For those of you who are looking for a way to better manage your relationships. Here’s a list of ten PRM software companies you should consider in 2023 that offer a wide range of features to meet your ecosystem management needs.

Partner Relationship Management Software (PRM)


PartnerStack specializes in managing partner marketing, referral, and reseller channel activities, to create an easy way where you can power your referral and affiliate programs. With PartnerStack you can easily build your partner program to gain highly-qualified leads, and deals closed, and empower your partners to maximize their performance to prove ROI faster. This platform will simplify your ecosystem, give you an overview of your progress and your program’s health, and automate processes like partner recruitment, onboarding, training, tracking the flows and conversions, tracing deals back to partners, and payment.


Impartner unlocks the full potential of your indirect sales by assisting you in managing, optimizing, and accelerating every stage of the partner journey through automation, process optimization, and data insights. Impartner enables you to cut ties with high-maintenance partners while more effectively engaging your best-performing partners for value creation. It assists in managing your indirect sales to increase profitability, close deals faster, and drive better customer experiences.


Allbound is a platform that helps a company develop and maintain, high-value relationships with its distributors, suppliers, and customers by providing them all in one place. Allbound's marketing features include a partner portal, onboarding for the channel partner ecosystem, co-branding opportunities, and unlimited content storage. Landing page creation and CRM/marketing automation integration tools, as well as sales playbooks, are just a few of the possibilities for channel partners to utilize.


WorkSpan, a.k.a. an Ecosystem Business Management Solution, helps Enterprises to automate and scale their co-selling business processes and manage channel and alliance partners, ISVs, and more. It drives collaboration for Cloud, Software, Hardware, SI, and MSP, partner teams, by optimizing, quantifying, tracking, and managing every process throughout the partner lifecycle. WorkSpan maximizes the potential of every partnership and operates ecosystems at scale to create sustainable growth and meet compliance needs.


Pronto, a.k.a. an Ecosystem Business Management Solution, automatically tracks all partner opportunities, sales, and marketing efforts. It provides visibility into your partnership’s performance, like partner influenced and sources deals, forecasts indirect revenue, and accelerates GTM opportunities. Pronto builds searchable catalogs where you can find your partners’ joint solutions and integrations, it also boosts partner team productivity by bringing everyone together within a common platform that syncs with the rest of your tech stack.


Kiflo helps businesses achieve sales increases through Partnerships. You can quickly touch base with your partners, share fresh content, and simplify your sales procedures—all linked to your CRM and marketing platforms. Use Kiflo's customized partner portal to distribute content with your partner. It also helps you share events, news, and other updates with your partners which will promote brand awareness.


Magentrix is a portal software provider that helps companies leverage the power of communication between customers, partners, and employees. Its social collaboration tool and cloud solutions ease the processes of launching your own portal site to deliver faster partner onboarding, streamlined deal registration, and a better customer experience. Its social intranet and community portal facilitate information sharing, collaboration, and integrations between your customers and channel partner communities.


Channeltivity is a cloud-based Channel Management software that automates lead flow, deal registration, referral, and partner data, while also reducing channel conflict through better management of direct and indirect sales. It enables your partners to create co-branded materials and templates. Use Channeltivity to engage with your channel partners through targeted messages, content, resources, training, and certifications that can be found on Channeltivity’s channel partner portal.

Keep it simple with This modern partner platform is easy to set up and customize with your logo, color scheme, and domain name. You can begin automating partner registration, lead tracking and commission payments within 15 minutes of signing up. Available integrations include HubSpot, Salesforce, Crossbeam, Stripe, QuickBooks, and PayPal. has proudly appeared on the Forrester Channel Software Tech Stack and G2's Best Partner Management Software Grid since 2018.


Partnerhub specializes in SaaS and Digital agencies. This platform helps you find vetted partners who sell to the same ICP, send and receive referrals, track pipeline, adjust the lead score, add notes, and filter your Ideal Partner Profile (IPP) by ecosystem. Use Partnerhub to find everything you need from your partnerships and product in one place (chats, tasks, documents, live offers, etc), and review your ecosystem performance, stats and opportunities.

Improve your tech stack

Being a Partnership Manager isn’t an easy task, and the only way to get your job done as smoothly as possible is to use the right technology with each step of the partnership lifecycle. To do so, it’s essential to have the right tools in your arsenal ranging from PRMs to Channel Incentive Management (CIMs).

To add value to your tech stack, you should also use a free Nearbound Revenue Platform like Reveal

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