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10 PRMs You Should Know About in 2022

June 14, 2022

It’s no secret that the future of go-to-market strategies in B2B tech is in partnerships. That’s why having the right technology to manage those partnerships is essential.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software helps companies manage complex partnerships with efficient processes and automation abilities to enhance their business operations.

PRM software allows B2B tech companies to plan, identify, engage, measure, and optimize their partner relationships by offering intelligent process automation through advanced integration capabilities to improve business efficiency. They also help in data-driven decision-making for future planning.

For those of you who are looking for a way to better manage your relationships, Here’s a list of ten PRM software companies you should consider for 2022 that offers a wide range of features to meet your ecosystem management needs.

Partner Relationship Management Software (PRM)


Allbound is a platform that helps a company to develop and maintain, high-value relationships with its distributors, suppliers, and customers by providing them all in one place. Allbound's marketing features include a partner portal, onboarding for the channel partner ecosystem, co-branding opportunities, and unlimited content storage. Landing page creation and CRM/marketing automation integration tools, as well as sales playbooks, are just a few of the possibilities for channel partners to utilize.


Kiflo helps small and medium-sized businesses achieve sales increases through Partnerships. You may quickly turn on your partners, share fresh content, and simplify your sales procedure - all linked to your CRM and marketing platforms. It helps you to make a strong social media presence through its channel-specific posts and newsletters. In addition, it also helps in sharing events, news, and other updates with your partners which will promote brand awareness.

A partner portal is a web-based system that gives vendors' existing partners access to resources and services that they would not have otherwise been able to utilize, or that would have been more difficult to get. Using a partner portal may help you be more efficient and strengthen your working relationship with your partners. It can allow you to speed up payments to partners, create a database of leads, and run special offers.

Channel Xperts

Channel Xperts empowers businesses to sell more by building long-term, profitable relationships with their channel partners. It is an end-to-end solution that can grow your partner business with its available tools for lead management, campaign management, and a lot more. It can help you to develop and maintain high-value relationships with your existing partners by providing them all in one place. You can also use the lead management tools that it provides to develop a strong marketing database from each of your partners.

Channel Mechanics

The Channel Mechanics Platform is used by the world's major vendors to deliver a smooth experience for their partner network and channel staff, resulting in competitive advantage, revenue acceleration, and partnership loyalty. The Channel Mechanics platform delivers a simple and consistent experience for you to build, customize, launch, and analyze the return on investment for a variety of partner types. You achieve a frictionless partnership experience by optimizing the operational aspects of your programs. And if you have partners working with between 8 and 10 vendors, using our platform will allow your partner programs to stand out.


Impartner enables the full potential of your indirect sales by assisting you in managing, optimizing, and accelerating every stage of the partner journey through automation, process optimization, and data insights. Impartner enables you to cut ties with high-maintenance partners while more effectively engaging your best-performing partners for value creation. It assists in managing your indirect sales to increase profitability, close deals faster, and drive better customer experiences.


Oracle is an enterprise-wide Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software that allows channel managers and partners to collaborate, share, and manage leads as well as arrange deals. This comprehensive integrated solution helps businesses develop their partner sales networks to increase income by providing a seamless partnership experience.


Salesforce helps businesses in building customer-driven relationships with ease by making it possible to achieve the most productive interactions between partners and their customers. It offers best-in-class services that not only drive growth but also enable you to improve efficiency, allowing your business to focus on what matters most. It brings together sales, marketing, service, support, and commerce into a single integrated system that will help you achieve your goals.


ZINFI is a cloud-based software that allows partners to generate more revenue by allowing them to use an existing infrastructure and deploy a set of cloud-based modules for partner recruitment, engagement, enablement, and management that seamlessly integrate into one another. It comes pre-integrated with other modules from ZINFI's platform to offer an integrated approach. It enables you to manage your partner-related business and provide a seamless experience for partners and customers.


Mindmatrix is not only a top software platform but also a collection of unique, client-focused individuals who all have the same aim in mind: to assist you to sell effectively. It is the only company on the market that provides a single platform for end-to-end enablement of direct sales and partner management for your channel. Its solutions come with an array of reporting tools targeted at increasing sales conversion rates, reducing business costs, and increasing profitability.

As any partnership professional (or person with revenue as a KPI) knows, it is essential to be able to manage partnerships effectively. 

With a better understanding of the functionalities, costs, and benefits of different platforms, you will be able to choose which type best meets your requirements and work to implement a solution that can help your business grow. In addition to selecting the right PRM, you also need a tool that leverages the synchronicities with your partners to drive revenue. That's where we at Reveal come in. 

Improve your tech stack

Reveal is a free platform that allows you to identify hidden opportunities with your partners to increase partner-influenced and partner-sourced revenue. Not only can you select the right accounts to target with your partners, but you can select the right partners to work with. Using Reveal, you can identify the partners that have the highest influence on win rate and deal size in a matter of seconds. And, if you're trying to grow your ecosystem, Reveal presents partner suggestions  right on your dashboard, all you have to do is press "send invitation." Join Reveal for free (forever) here. 

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