Reveal Engage

The right process that gets the right info to the right people
at the right time to boost partner revenue.

Give your Sales team...

Nearbound intel

The right info on the right deal

Account Executives couldn’t care less that an account is a customer of 100 partners. How is that ever gonna help them?

If you present the 1 or 2 partners who can help them close the deal and why, then you'll get their attention—and keep it.

Nearbound efficiency

In the right place

Have you ever seen an Account Executive login to 10 different platforms to do their work? Neither have we.

Sales team's work is done in their CRM, inbox, and Slack channels, and that's exactly where Reveal Engage lives. We make partner intel available and actionable in the channels Account Executives are already working.

Nearbound timing

At the right time

Timing is everything. Your Sales team requires autonomy to decide when and how partners can help them with certain accounts.

For example, when they:

  • Get assigned a new account, or
  • Open a new opportunity

That's exactly when Reveal Engage delivers account briefs to their email or Slack.

Nearbound efficiency Streamline and scale operations

Nearbound relationships

With the right process

Account Executives have enough to do without adding a complicated process to their list. Make it easy for them to leverage your partner ecosystem, all while keeping control.

With Reveal Engage:

  • Partner Managers define the permissions of how partners can be contacted
  • Requests are directed to the right channels with all relevant stakeholders tagged

Nearbound action

And the right tracking

Never miss a partner-attributed opportunity again. Reveal Engage tracks every single activity from your Sales team in your CRM, even the ones that happen before the opportunity was opened.

Attribution will now only require:

  • A simple review of Reveal activities in your Salesforce report, and
  • Appropriate tagging in the report view

It's not magic, but it's pretty darn close.

Nearbound revenue

Partner, win, track, repeat

Reveal Engage is the process for seamless, actionable, and measurable collaboration between Sales and Partnerships.

Ready to unleash the power of collaboration?

Ask the experts

Does my Sales Team have to login to Reveal to use Reveal Engage?
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Nope! Reveal Engage lives in your Salesforce CRM. Reveal’s Nearbound data automatically generates in the general and account-specific dashboards. Your Sales Team can then request introductions with partner contacts directly in Salesforce.

Can I customize actions in Reveal Engage?
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Absolutely. Partner Managers can customize automations based on certain actions, or even on certain partner accounts.

Does Reveal Engage connect to Slack?
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Yes, Partner Managers can customize the settings so that Get Intro requests automatically create a dedicated Slack channel. This channel can include just the Partner Manager and the AE, or can also include the partner contact. Partner Managers can accept or decline requests directly from the Slack channel.

Are Reveal Engage requests tracked in Salesforce?
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All Get Intro requests are logged in Salesforce, making it easier for Partner Managers to track partner-sourced and influenced revenue in the pipeline.

How do I get Reveal Engage?
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