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How Talkwalker’s Partnership Team Leverages Reveal to Increase ROI in Partnerships

Reveal answers the question, ‘How can you do account mapping with a potential partner in a secure manner and in an easy way?”
Jérémy Bernier
VP of Partners & Alliances

Talkwalker was founded in 2009. With over 600 employees their offices and partnerships span the globe. The person overseeing those partnerships is Jérémy Bernier, VP of Partner Alliances at Talkwalker. In his 7 years at Talkwalker he only began to search for a platform to get the maximum insight from his partnerships in 2020. As all good decisions begin, an existing partner introduced them to Reveal around the same time they were demoing other platforms. Talkwalker went with Reveal, for them the answer was clear as the crystal that’s only for special holiday use. 

For Talkwalker, Reveal is leveraged with two separate intentions. The first, to prioritize potential partnerships.

Step One: Prioritizing potential partnerships 

When vetting a potential partner, Talkwalker calls this phase the “discovery” phase. During discovery, they utilize the Partnership Overview feature as the primary way to assess the potential of a relationship. This feature is key because it not only provides valuable insights without connecting companies CRMs together. Instead, the Partnership Overview provides percentage overlap insights to allow prospective partners to evaluate whether or not they’d like to move forward to include: 

  • Percentage common customers
  • Percentage prospects
  • Percentage of strategic account overlap 
  • Average win-rate 
“When you do the account mapping with a potential partner you see to what level of potential exists. The Partnership Overview feature is one of the elements that provides us a tremendous amount of value and has let our partnership program play a key role in our revenue strategy."

Once they’ve done the Partnership Overview assessment, the partnerships team at Talkwalker moves on to their next intention: Leveraging their partnerships to drive revenue. 

Step Two: Leveraging partnerships to drive revenue

Once the partnership has been agreed upon, account mapping with partners occurs on a day-to-day basis. This frequency gives them the ability to be proactive in enabling their sales team and their partner’s sales team with insights to increase partner-sourced revenue. 

“Partnerships are significant for our company's revenue. It's become a key element of Talkwalkers overall Revenue strategy. We've been able to increase the revenue from our partners and, I can tell you that we've signed a major partnership because we were able to show to this partner that the overlap presented enough value to continue the discussion and to set up agreement between our organizations."

To get your partnerships on the revenue generating track like Talkwalker, join Reveal for free. 

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Account mapping with a potential partner in a secure and easy manner
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Partnerships have become a key component to Talkwalker’s revenue strategy.
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