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How AssessFirst Quadrupled its Clients’ Integration and Generates Nearbound Leads with Reveal

“To date, we have about 30 active partners on Reveal, and we only connect to partners with high added value for our sales team. Reveal allows us to measure the potential of the partnership, including the number of common customers and transactions.”
François Lehec
Head of Partnership

Recruiting the right candidate is crucial for success, but identifying them from a large pool of applicants can be challenging. 

To address these challenges, AssessFirst, a recruitment solution, uses behavioral science and AI to help companies identify the best candidates for their open positions, promoting fairness, talent development, internal potential identification, and building ultra-efficient teams

The AssessFirst partnership team, led by François, uses Reveal, a Nearbound Revenue Platform, for its ability to identify the right companies to integrate with.

The Stumbling Block

AssessFirst faced several challenges before using Reveal. Ranging from difficulties in:

  • Mapping accounts with partners
  • Organizing and tracking data 
  • The time consumption of mapping accounts manually

The partnership department had an archaic and individualistic approach to identifying potential partners. These challenges led to missed opportunities, miscommunication, and loss of productivity. 

AssessFirst needed an innovative and collaborative approach to address these issues head-on.

François quickly developed a hypothesis that AssessFirst could improve the quality of its prospects by implementing a Nearbound strategy, specifically by targeting the clients of their partners. This could easily be achieved by using the right account mapping platform. 

François was also aware that a significant portion of AssessFirst's database was linked to a partner's customer base thanks to their product team. This had a significant impact on their client integration.

Seek Insights From Your Ecosystem

To address these challenges, AssessFirst integrated Reveal into its partnership team’s workflow and processes. Reveal’s real-time insights provided integral Nearbound intel on potential partners and clients.

360° Account Mapping

Backed by Nearbound data, AssessFirst was able to identify common customers with partners, which helped them offer integrations, invite customers as speakers to events, and identify potential up-selling opportunities. 

Reveal also helped in identifying common opportunities, which initiated a collaboration between salespeople to accelerate and streamline the sales cycle with common prospects. As a result, AssessFirst generated new Nearbound opportunities by identifying the customer accounts of partners, which are strategic target accounts for them.

Turning Data into Revenue 

Now, AssessFirst is able to track and analyze several key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the number of customers integrated with a partner, deals influenced by partners, and lead generation. 

With the data directly integrated into their CRM through the Reveal and HubSpot integration, AssessFirst's sales team has a more streamlined workflow and can make data-driven decisions, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. 

Company view in the Reveal HubSpot App

Currently, Reveal is used by 60 users at AssessFirst, including Account Managers, Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, BDRs, and SDRs.

The Nearbound Insurance

One of the key benefits that AssessFirst has seen since integrating Reveal is an increase in the number of integrated clients

Prior to using the platform, only 5% of AssessFirst's clients were fully integrated, meaning that they were using all of the company's products and services. However, since implementing the Nearbound GTM strategy, that number has risen to over 20% in just one year

This is a significant increase and indicates that Reveal is helping AssessFirst to better serve its clients and meet their needs. 

Another positive outcome that AssessFirst has since seen is an increase in the number of deals influenced by partners. Sales personnel are now actively seeking partnerships that allow them to get key information to help them sign their deals. 

In addition to these benefits, AssessFirst has also experienced a significant increase in lead generation since implementing Reveal. In fact, the company has seen over a 100% increase in lead generation since using the platform. 

AssessFirst’s success has demonstrated the clear value of using a Nearbound Revenue Platform and introducing a Nearbound GTM strategy to improve business performance. By leveraging technology like Reveal, companies can gain essential Nearbound intel that helps them make more informed decisions and achieve better results.

AssessFirst is a recruitment solution that uses behavioral science and AI technology to remove bias from recruitment and people development decisions, empowering companies to make the best hiring and management choices.
Main Challenges
Account prioritization and lead generation.
Key Results
Through the use of Reveal's platform, AssessFirst's partnerships team was able to connect with new partners and increase client integration from 5% to 20%. The detailed overviews available on the platform helped facilitate an increase in lead generation by 100%.
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