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Building a High-Impact Partner Program

Partner Program Template

Download the free Partner Program template to introduce partnerships that will make an impact for your business.
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Partner program template
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What is a partner program?

A partner program is a business strategy to encourage a set of companies in your ecosystem (as channel, reseller, or technology integration partners) to recommend or sell your products and services. What better proof of partnerships’ impact on growth than Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier and Qualtrics, some of the most successful B2B Tech companies that incidentally invest significant efforts in building strong partnerships.

How to use our partner program template

This partner program template brings together all the learnings from our How to Build A High-Impact Partnership Program course into one actionable step-by-step document. There are 7 stages covered:

  • Stage 1: Identify the right partners
  • Stage 2: Present program
  • Stage 3: Onboarding
  • Stage 4: Account mapping
  • Stage 5: Building a pipeline
  • Stage 6: Co-selling
  • Stage 7: Reporting and reviews

Who needs this partner program  template

Use this checklist if you are building a partner program from scratch, or you are looking to refresh your existing program. Know someone with this project on their hands? Share this resource with them.

Benefits of using a partner program template

  • Highlights the important questions to ask yourself when starting a partner program
  • Walks through key actions from identifying partners to measuring success
  • Rather than creating a partner program for the sake of having one, this checklist is focused on ensuring that you stand up a  program that will yield ROI and meaningful outcomes for your business, your partner, and your customers.

Benefits of collaborating with partners on our free Collaborative Growth platform

Reveal is a free Collaborative Growth platform that empowers B2B companies to drive revenue from their partnerships. Use Reveal to quickly identify common customers and high potential opportunities, collaborate more efficiently with partners by moving away from spreadsheets to a sales intelligence platform that is built for scaling B2B partnerships, and prioritize new partnerships based on data.

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Partner program template
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