How Partnership Teams generate ROI

Instant account mapping lets you make the right decisions about the right accounts. Reveal your top accounts and the partners that have the most impact on their win rate, deal size, and revenue, on a secure and free platform.

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Instant account mapping

Safely map accounts with each partner without the need for spreadsheets and save on average 15 hours a week. This technology doesn’t just save precious time and sanity, it increases revenue. Let your partnerships produce an ROI by closing partner-sourced deals and winning partner-influenced accounts.

Total ecosystem mapping

Using Reveal you can see all account overlaps, with all your partners, on one screen, in real time. Seeing the total presence of your entire partner-ecosystem and their influence on your deal size, win-rate, and revenue will enable you to make the right decisions. Think revenue acceleration, customer retention, and integrations. It’s all on one page.

Evaluate partnership potential

Decide whether a partnership is worth pursuing before you get to step one. Discover how much your prospects and customers overlap with a potential partner and invest time in growing relationships that produce ROI.

Find new valuable partners

Like Facebook friend suggestions for partners, minus security issues, plus revenue gain. We suggest potential partners based on your synergies out of a network of 500,000 companies. Connect with the best companies to level up your revenue game.

partner-influenced revenue

Track partnership influence

We're giving you proof that your ecosystem of partners is a source of revenue so you can finally put the doubters to rest. Only with Reveal can you monitor your ecosystem opportunities from A to Z. Be the first to know when a deal is sourced or won through your partners’ influence. Track the total amount of pipeline that was generated by your ecosystem and your hard work. Get ready for this game-changer.

Never miss another opportunity

Never miss out on a revenue building opportunity again. Receive live updates when an opportunity with a partner opens or an account status changes. Communicate with sales about deals directly through Slack.

Give partner-value to sales

Let partnerships be the revenue driver. Put all of your partnership insights from Reveal into your Salesforce CRM and stop being the bottleneck. With our Salesforce App, your sales team has a 360° view of your partner ecosystem and immediate access to account owners. They can collaborate directly with your partner’s sales team to increase account acquisition.

Reveal helped increase our pipeline by 40%.
Kalen Kimm
Director, Systems Integrators & Strategic Partners, UserTesting
Reveal is a life saver. I saved countless hours from manual account mapping in Excel and Google sheets.
Toni Rothpletz
Director of Partnerships, Split
We built 32 integrations based on Reveal insights. Using this platform is a no-brainer.
Stanislaw Wasowitcz
Regional Director Alliances EMEA, SmartRecruiters
Through referrals alone, we were able to bring in around $300k last quarter.
Caitlin Matchett
Strategic Alliances Manager at Terminus
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Terminus has already won 30+ accounts.

Terminus' Strategic Alliances Manager, Caitlin Matchett, was looking for a tool to facilitate account mapping with partners, then she found us. Two months later, she’d saved a year’s worth of hours by automating account mapping and received ten years worth of kudos for generating wins on 30 accounts through her partners' influence.

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