What is Collaborative Growth?

Collaborative Growth is the new way to accelerate revenue growth based on your partner ecosystem.

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Why Collaborative Growth?

All Revenue professionals (Partnership, Marketing, Sales) are struggling with targeting the right prospects. Even when they find them, the challenge to convert them into clients is harder than peeling a boiled egg with your teeth. But, not any longer. We are introducing a new way to accelerate revenue growth: Your ecosystem.

This isn’t a hypothesis. According to our calculations, leads from your ecosystem have up to a 200% higher win-rate. With this kind of improvement we had to create something special—so we did. We created a category for all Revenue Builders to stop wasting time and start tapping into the hidden potential of their ecosystem. We call this category Collaborative Growth.

The 4 pillars of Collaborative Growth


Your ecosystem is composed of all the companies that share synergies with you: they target the same persona, are in your industry, or sell a complementary product. Every B2B company has an ecosystem, whether they’re aware of it or haven’t connected with it yet. The first goal of Collaborative Growth is to match you with companies that have a high level of synergy with you. It’s like a dating app, but based on data, and for B2B.


You are connected with your ecosystem. Now, it’s time to show you the money. See all of the overlapping accounts you share with your partners in real-time and their CRM statuses (prospect, opportunity, customer) for both you and your partner. Uncover the goldmine of deals waiting to be influenced by your partners and won by your sales team.


Account mapping with partners in real-time is fun. But how do you use it? We make sure your ecosystem data is actionable, so you can enable revenue. By integrating it into your workflows and existing platforms (CRM, Marketing automation, Sales automation, Corporate Messaging app), we put your ecosystem data where it can be transformed into better win rates and more revenue.


We’ve been told a hundred times that C-levels don’t understand the ROI of ecosystems. That was a problem we knew we had to solve. We put the proof right where it matters: in the numbers. Track your ecosystem’s influence on your pipeline and revenue, and shamelessly prove all ecosystem skeptics wrong.

Ecosystem leads doubled our conversion rates. Thanks, Reveal.
Romain Fernandes Richard
Global Head of Growth at Payfit
60% of our new opportunities come from Reveal.
Mathieu Galvani
Channel Sales & Partnership Manager, Spendesk
Reveal helped increase our pipeline by 40% in 3 months.
Kalen Kimm
Director, Systems Integrators & Strategic Partners at UserTesting
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For companies who want to fill their pipes with revenue.

And more specifically, for…

Discover and leverage the influence of your partners on your target accounts. Discover new potential partners quickly with access to a bigger, better and equally growth-hungry ecosystem.

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Identify qualified leads within your CRM based on your ecosystem's insights, as well as generate qualified leads who haven’t made it into your CRM yet.

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Use your partner’s influence to close deals faster. Through Reveal, connect with your partners’ account owners and get introductions to key decision makers.

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Sharing is caring about security

We love being asked if we’re secure because we love to say yes. We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t keep our clients’ data as safe (or even safer) than they do. With us, you’ll never have to worry about anyone seeing anything you wouldn’t want them to. And our SOC II certification proves it.

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